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Housing Opportunity Programs
Housing Opportunity Program

New Life International Community Development is an organization committed to expand affordable, attractive, and quality housing in a safe environment by constructing new homes, and rehabilitating older homes for the residents in the communities that we serve. The development of our (HOP) Home Ownership Program is the method to achieve the launch of this segment of our affordable housing programs. The HOP provides new and rehabilitated homes for first time buyers who meet the necessary income qualification guidelines and who have established their ability to fulfill the credit structure that is required for mortgage lending (if those guidelines are not fulfilled “New Life” will develop the buyer to achieve the fulfillment of the necessary requirements).

Through the many programs we have structured for financial empowerment, the HOP provides opportunities for the education of homeownership. Classes are being offered to educate each buyer with regard to homeownership-both the process of buying and the responsibility of owning a home. These classes also offer budgeting and financial empowerment counseling. New Life International CDC, not only builds quality homes, but we assist to build a quality of life.

New Life International Community Development Corporation is an organization with a vision to make great changes that affect the quality of life in the areas of economic development, education, employment, and housing. Our approach is comprehensive in nature, and is intended to address both the social and physical issues of life in the community. Programs encompass areas that affect the quality of life in education, employment, health and wellness, housing, and the success of social services through in new business development. All programs are designed to inspire and encourage self-development, promote self-confidence, independence and to empower existing and new residents to actively participate in the development of their communities.

Our Target:

 Is to serve first time homebuyers or those who have not owned a home for at least three years.

 Families or individuals who have a minimum annual income of $24,000 and must have been employed for at least three years to qualify for mortgage financing.

Contact Us
E-mail: Housing@NewLifeInternationalCDC.com

Apply To HOP:

Registered users of this site may apply by clicking here.

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