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New Life Financial Services
New Life International Visa: Coming Soon!

New Life International Visa

New Life International Visa card is the latest entry into the debit card market, targeting credit-challenged consumers.

Option Debit or Credit?

New Life International Community Development Corporation joins the growing debit card market in an effort to breathe "New Life" into consumers; the newest prepaid debit card is being offered to an estimated 70 million to 100 million credit-challenged consumers in the U.S.

Through a partnership between New Life International Community Development Corporation, and Visa USA; the New Life International Visa expected to be launched to the general public in July, meets our community development goals to address all economic, health and social issues of the underserved, and we hope this will breathe “New Life" into those who have been overlooked and considered not bankable.”

Visa USA, reports that the company has seen a 240% increase in prepaid debit cards during the last year. A recent study shows consumers say that debit cards are the most preferred card in their wallet. The study found that African American and Latino cardholders are twice as likely to prefer debit cards over credit cards; this is the segment of the population primarily being targeted by New Life International.

According to Pastor David Pope, Chairman and President of New Life International Community Development Corporation, and New Life International Visa; "while the company hopes to appeal to the 45% of Americans, inclusive of all races, with maxed out credit, we are particularly interested in reaching African Americans and Latino, ages 18 and up, trying to establish a credit history."

New Life International customers will be charged a one-time set-up fee of $29.95, plus fees of $2.95 per transaction. Since purchases made with the New Life International card are guaranteed by prepaid accounts, cardholders will not accrue any interest on purchases. Other advantages of the card include no credit check, the ability to share funds with family members, bill payments by phone, web reporting, and three ways of adding money to their New Life International accounts, including:

Payroll checks up to $1,200 can be directly deposited to a New Life International account.

Money orders can be mailed to the New Life International office.
ATM deposits and withdrawals.

Future advantages include free financial and debt management training so that consumers can learn how to manage a credit card properly; and adding money to your account through participating retailers.

So far, the New Life International Visa venture appears to be on schedule. A two-week test of a pilot product will be conducted with a cable network, followed up by a 60-second spot being aired in 2.2 million U.S. households. In conclusion to prepare for launch a national broadcast and cable television campaign in English and Spanish; as well as radio is expected to kick off in the coming months.

Once launched, New Life International cards can be purchased and bought at major retailers, and can be used at all of the 30 million outlets that accept Visa worldwide.

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