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New Life International: Marketing & Distribution Company
Breathe New Life Into Your Business Today!

New Life International Marketing & Distribution Company is a national and international marketing and distribution company, that will breathe "New Life" into your business. If you are a new company with a new product or an established company with an established product "New Life International" will assist your company in the marketing and distribution of your products.

We form alliances and establish networks that wil compell your busines to achieve market penetration that under the normal course of business might be over looked. Below you will find the companies that "New Life" has formed alliances and have initiated the development to enhance the marketing and distribution of their products.


New Life International has formed an alliance with Lexus to market their automobiles; "Fleet Pricing" is available to all those who are directed to a Lexus dealership by "New Life International Community Development Corporation" as part of our "American Dream" campaign for affordable housing.

With the purchase of every new or previously owned vehicle from a Lexus dealership a contribution will be made to New Life International Community Development Corporation towards our "American Dream" of affordable housing campaign. The contributions will assist us with our commitment to make certain that every person has the opportunity to experience the "American Dream" of home ownership.

E-mail: Lexus@NewlifeInternationalCDC.com


As part of our social services for the senior citizens of Communities across America, New Life International CDC haas formed an alliance with ResponseLink to market and distribute the nation's premier Personal Emergency Response and Safety System.

This system was designed in a joint venture with Bell South who invested millions of dollars in client research and targeted system development. They found out precisely what our seniors and disabled citizens needed; a system to maintain their safety and extend their independence.

The ResponseLink headquarters in Florida established in 1997, provides 24-hour Emergency Response Center services in addition to manufacturing the systems installed across America.

To provide ResponseLink for a senior family member or to assist us in providing ResponseLink to a senior citizen through our senior social service program just e-mail your request at ResponseLink@NewLifeInternationalCDC.com. You will then make your initial tax-deductible Contributions of $50.00 along with the first monthly contribution of $39.95; and continue to make the monthly contribution of $39.95 through our Contributions/Donations page on our web site to support this senior citizen social service program.

Optional Wellness Verification:
Additional Contributions/Donations of $5.00 Per Month

Optional Medication Compliance:
Additional Contributions/Donations of $10.00 Per Month

E-mail: ResponseLink@NewLifeInternationalCDC.com

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The entire New Life International Community Development Corporation
organization would like to thank "Pieces Of A Dream" and "Pieces Of A Dream"
Management for their support of our organization with the use of this
song "Mission Possible" as our web site music...Keep The Faith!!!

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