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Corporate Communications

A Message From Our Chairman...

Development in India...

We are thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Greenfield Project with Mittal Steel in Jharkhand, India. It has been our desire to develop a more agressive industialization in India that would afford us the opportunity to make community investments into the people of India.

We would like to thank Mittal Steel for their investment of approximately US $9 billion dollars over the next decade in the development of steel plant construction that will afford us the opportunity to provide the people of India with sustainable employment.

We will be providing more specific infomation on our web site in the coming months to provide information for the coming year.

We must always believe and have faith that the mission is always possible...

Pastor David Pope, Chairman

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The entire New Life International Community Development Corporation
organization would like to thank "Pieces Of A Dream" and "Pieces Of A Dream"
Management for their support of our organization with the use of this
song "Mission Possible" as our web site music...Keep The Faith!!!

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