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New Life Centers
Senior Living

"Affordable Senior Living"

The facilities are designed to enhance the quality of life to the senior population in a 300-unit facility that accommodates Independent Living, and provides Assisted Living, Nursing & Rehabilitative Care with specialized focus on Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Hospice Care.

For “Individual Living” each unit is equipped with the following:
[] Living Room
[] One Bedroom
[] Full Bath
[] Kitchen
[] Refrigerator
[] Microwave
[] Color Television; (1) in Bedroom, (1) in Living Room
[] Direct Dial Television

Our “Assisted Living” program was designed for seniors who desire or need assistance with their daily activities to include hygiene and medication management. We focus on health, weight and wellness management while we make certain that our residents maintain a quality of life through the development of a specific assistance program.

The “Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Hospice Care “ living assistance programs are specialized for the needs of our residents; all memory impaired programs are offer a scientific approach to applying the stories and details of the active life of our senior’s life to give them comfort during this phase of their life. While our hospice program is focused to address the decline of life needs with practices established by working with a network of providers.

Contact Us:

E-mail: SeniorLiving@NewLifeInternationalCDC.com


ResponseLink is the nation's premier provider of Personal Emergency Response and Safety System used by senior citizens and the disabled who wish to enhance their safety and independence. The system itself was designed in a joint venture with Bell South who invested millions of dollars in client research and targetd system development. They found out precisely what our elderly and disabled citizens need to maintain their safety and extend their independence, and engineered the complete system to fully meet those needs.

The ResponseLink headquarters in Florida was established in 1997, and provides the 24-hour Emergency Response Center services in addition to manufacturing the systems that are installed across America.

To provide ResponseLink for a senior family member or to assist us in providing ResponseLink for a senior citizen through our senior social service program just e-mail your request at ResponseLink@NewLifeInternationalCDC.com. You will then make your initial tax-deductible contribution of $50.00 along with the first monthly contribution of $39.95; and continue to make your monthly contribution through the Contributions/Donation page here on our web site to support this senior citizen social service program.

Standard Monitoring Service:

Our standard service provides 24-hour monitoring with immediate response by a ResponseLink Care Attendant when the emergency utton on the console or pendent is activated. I the case of an emergency, the Care Attendant will immediately contact emergency personnel and caregivers and stay on the line with the member until help arrives. As part of the standard service, and simply by pressing the non-emergency button, members can talk with a Care Attendant at any time during the day or night if they feel insecure or unsafe. The standard service also includes local reminders that can remind members to take prescribed medications and perform essential health tests up to 16 times daily.

Exclusive Health Assurance Services:

Wellness Verification, Wake-Up and Tuck-In Service
The Wellness Verification service is a programmable feature that will sound a melody and display a personalized message at predetermined times each day prompting the member to press the "Check" button to verify that they are up and active. The reminder times are specified by the member and could include a morning wake-up, a night time tuck-in, and a wellness check mid-day. If the member fails to press the "Check" button within 5 minutes of the reminder, a ResponseLink Care Attendant will make personal contact with the member to ensure they are okay. Tha Care Attendant will immediately notify caregivers if a problem is detected.

Optional Wellness Verification Fee:
Additional Contribution/Donations $5.00 Per Month

Medication and Health Test Compliance Monitoring Service
The Medication and Health Test Compliance Monitoring Service provides members and their caregivers with the assurance that all medications and health test have been taken and/or peformed as prescribed. If the member fails to press the "Check" button within 5 minutes of the reminder, a ResponseLink Care Attendant will contact the member and verify that the medications were taken. The Care Attendant will immediately alert caregivers if the member has not responded, or if compliance issues are detected. This service also includes weekly verification of prescribed medications with the member's physician.

Optional Medication Compliance Fee:
Additional Contribution/Donations $10.00 Per Month

Contact Us:

E-mail: ResponseLink@NewLifeInternationalCDC.com

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