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New Life International Community Development Corporation
Community Development

Help Us Transform Communities

Our Mission: To enhance the quality of life through the academic, economic, and inspired empowerment of mankind.

Our Strategy: To empower forty-eight cities across the United States and twelve countries around the world.

New Life International CDC is an organization with a vision to enhance the quality of life in communities throughout the United States and around the world. Our approach is to enhance the quality of life, in essence, through our focus on societal problems. It is comprehensive in nature, and is intended to address both the social and physical issues of life in the community. Programs encompass areas that affect the quality of life in education, employment, health and wellness, housing, and the sucess of social services through new business development. All programs are designed to inspire and encourage self-development, promote self-confidence, independence and to empower existing and new residents to actively participate in the development of their communities.

The following information provides a list by population of the cities in the United States and the twelve countries around the world that have been targeted for Community Development Investment by New Life International Community Development Corporation:

U.S. Cities:

New York City, New York (Operating)
Los Angeles, California
Chicago, Illinois
Houston, Texas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Operating)
Phoenix, Arizona
San Diego, California
Dallas, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Detroit, Michigan
San Jose, California
Indianapolis, Indiana
San Francisco, California
Jacksonville, Florida
Columbus, Ohio
Austin, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Memphis, Tennessee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Boston, Massachusettes
Washington, D.C.-Wilmington, Delaware (Operating)
Nashvile-Davidson County, Tennessee
El Paso, Texas
Seattle, Washington
Denver, Colorado
Charlotte, North Carolina
Fort Worth, Texas
Portland, Oregon
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
New Orleans, Louisiana
Las Vegas, Nevada
Cleveland, Ohio
Long Beach, california
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Kansas City, Kansas
Fresno, California
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Atlanta, Georgia
Sacramento, California
Oakland, California
Tulsa, Oakland
Omaha, Nebraska
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Miami, Florida
St. Louis, Missouri
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Richmond, Virginia (pending)
Tallahassee, Florida (pending)

International Development:

Africa Regions & Midde East
Togo (Operating)
Benin (Operating)
Ghana (Operating)
Cote 'Ivore (Operating)
Lebanon (Pending)

London, England (operating)
Paris, France (Pending)
Zurich, Switzerland (operating)

Caribbean; Central; South America
Dominican Republic (Pending)
Haiti (AIDS/HIV; Social Services-Pending)
Mexico (Pending)
Brazil (Pending)


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The entire New Life International Community Development Corporation
organization would like to thank "Pieces Of A Dream" and "Pieces Of A Dream"
Management for their support of our organization with the use of this
song "Mission Possible" as our web site music...Keep The Faith!!!

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